International Exhibition & Competition of Animalistic Art "IN THE ANIMAL WORLD. THE AREA OF ART" will be held at the old exhibition area of Moscow

Exhibition dates in Moscow: April 28 - May 04, 2024

Venue: Center for Contemporary Arts and Gallery "Art Commune" (Moscow, Kievskaya str., 2, 4th floor, TGC "Kievsky")

Registration deadline: until April 25, 2024 inclusive

There are two forms of participation in the exhibition and competition: ONLINE and OFFLINE.

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The exposition includes the following areas (based on materials and techniques of execution):
1. "PAINTING: Animalistic genre in paintings"
2. "GRAPHICS: Animalistic art in graphic works"
3. "SCULPTURE: Animalistic art in works of sculpture"
4. "PHOTOGRAPHY: Animal art in photography and digital art"
5. "TEXTILE: Animal art in textiles"
6. "DECOR: Animalistic art in arts and crafts"
Main sections of the exhibition (nominations):
1) Kingdom of Cats;
2) Kingdom of Dogs;
3) Kingdom of Birds;
4) Kingdom of mammals (wildlife);
5) kingdom of mammals (pets);
6) Water Kingdom;
7) kingdom of insects;
8) kingdom of reptiles;
9) Grotesque / humor involving animals.
10) Fantastic animals (fantasy, esotericism, mysticism)
11) Animals and humans
Expert Council / Jury

The exhibition is held in the form of a competition. Experts from various regions of Russia and several foreign countries are invited to evaluate the works presented at the exhibition. The jury includes folk and honored artists of Russia, directors of art galleries, art critics and journalists.

All works are evaluated according to the following criteria:
- skill level and quality of performance;
- originality and innovation;
- the degree of influence on the viewer.