International Exhibition & Competition of Animal Art
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Press release

International Exhibition & Competition of Animalistic Art "IN THE ANIMAL WORLD. THE AREA OF ART" will be held at the old exhibition area of Moscow

Exhibition dates in Moscow: April 28 - May 04, 2024

Venue: Center for Contemporary Arts and Gallery "Art Commune" (Moscow, Kievskaya str., 2, 4th floor, TGC "Kievsky")

Registration deadline: until April 25, 2024 inclusive

There are two forms of participation in the exhibition and competition: ONLINE and OFFLINE.

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Exhibition website: 
Theme: "Animal soul"

The animalistic genre in the visual arts is, perhaps, the oldest one in history. It was the images of animals that ancient man applied to the walls of caves, which became his first dwelling. Such caves with the oldest decor can be found all over the world: in Europe, Africa, Australia, North and South America.
Many centuries have passed since then. Painting, drawing and sculpture have acquired a rich history, at the same time the animalistic genre - paintings by famous artists are the sound evidence of this - has remained no less popular and is in demand both among artists and among art lovers who want to purchase such works.
The exhibition presents works that reflect various forms of existence of the animal world. The works dedicated to our pets - cats and dogs - are filled with special love.
Within the framework of the exhibition, will also be held various master classes, lectures and creative meetings, where masters and artists will share their best practices and experience.
The exposition includes the following areas (based on materials and techniques of execution):
1. "PAINTING: Animalistic genre in paintings"
2. "GRAPHICS: Animalistic art in graphic works"
3. "SCULPTURE: Animalistic art in works of sculpture"
4. "PHOTOGRAPHY: Animal art in photography and digital art"
5. "TEXTILE: Animal art in textiles"
6. "DECOR: Animalistic art in arts and crafts"
Main sections of the exhibition (nominations):
1) Kingdom of cats;
2) Kingdom of dogs;
3) Kingdom of birds;
4) Animals and humans;
5) Wildlife Kingdom;
6) Sea kingdom;
7) Kingdom of insects;
8) Kingdom of reptiles;
9) Grotesque / humor involving animals;
10) Fantastic animals (fantasy, esoterics, mystics);
11) Animals and human.
Expert Council / Jury

The exhibition is held in the form of a competition. Experts from various regions of Russia and several foreign countries are invited to evaluate the works presented at the exhibition. The jury includes folk and honored artists of Russia, directors of art galleries, art critics and journalists.

All works are evaluated according to the following criteria:
- craftsmanship and quality of performance;
- originality and innovation;
- the degree of influence on the viewer.
Geography of participants
The exhibition will be attended by professional and young artists from more than 30 cities of the Russian Federation, as well as from several foreign countries.
Participants from Russia and foreign countries have equal rights.
We are happy to invite visitors with a genuine passion for art, from serious collectors to those, who buy their first artwork.
Organizing Committee:
Eurasian Art Union (
World Fund of Arts (the Russian Branch)
St. Petersburg Art Union,
Production Center "NextArt"
Exhibition website:

Contact e-mail for participants: info@,
+7 (925) 4338821, +7 (495) 1182221
Contacts for media: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +7 (925) 0537000